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Bulk SMS at the best rate in the country! 0.55 paisa per SMS. And start your SMS marketing today without delay
BDT 300 TK

1000 SmS

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BDT 600 TK

2000 SmS

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BDT 1250 TK

5000 SmS

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BDT 2100 TK

10000 SmS

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BDT 4000 TK

20000 SmS

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BDT 9500 TK

50000 SmS

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SMS Feature

24 Hours Live Support

White Label Panel

Send SMS From File

Developer API

Plugins / Modules

Free Sender ID

SMS Features:

🔘No Masking Approval Fees
🔘Instant Delivery
🔘100% SMS Delivery
🔘Dedicated Sender ID
🔘Unicode Support
🔘Full White Label Panel
🔘Unlimited Validity
🔘Delivery Report
🔘Multiple Delivery At Once (Upto 4000 SMS Per Minute)
🔘Lowest Cost
🔘Free API (Rest & Http)
🔘And Many More

Terms & Conditions:

🔘Price is SD, TAX & VAT included (No Hidden Charge).
🔘Masking Approval Takes 7-15 Working Days.
🔘Support 11 Character Sender ID.
🔘SMS is Fully Branded.
🔘In Sender id space & dot not allowed. like (XXX.XXX & XXX XXX)

Panel Information:

* Whole Seller:
🔘Free Panel.
🔘Wholesaler can create plenty of re-sellers and users.
🔘Complete white-label

🔘Free Panel.
🔘Re-seller can create plenty of users.
🔘Complete white-label

Documents required for Wholesale/Resell Account:

🔘Duly filled up Contract form
🔘Copy of National ID/Passport/Birth Certificate
🔘Copy of Passport size photograph
🔘A Authorization order on letterhead


If You Want To Purchase Custom Package Feel Free To Contact US.

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